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CDL Medical Certificates!

Commercial Drivers, Trucks > 10,000 lbs, Bus Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Uber Drivers, etc., are required to use a Certified Medical Examiner in the National Registry (FMCSA) for medical exams and certificates issued after May 21, 2014

We are a Team CME Clinic!

Nationally Recognized as a Provider of Fair, Ethical DOT Physical Exams!

DOT Medical Exams!

Our offices in Fruita and Grand Junction, Colorado are Truck Driver Friendly!

Get a $80 Driver Friendly DOT Physical Exam and great service at our convenient clinics located in Fruita and Grand Junction, CO.

Pass Your Physical Exam!  Dr. Spatafora knows how important it is that you continue your livelihood as a commercial driver.  We will take the extra steps to keep you on the road. With his extensive knowledge of the DOT Physical exam medical guidelines, Dr. Spatafora will steer you through the DOT physical exam requirements so you can Keep on Truckin’!

Need your CDL Physical-Exam Today?  Same Day Appointments are Routine! We know your time is valuable!  We are committed to getting you back on the road in no time, just give us a call.  We won’t keep you waiting!

Not sure if your medical condition will affect your driving status?  Just give us a call before your appointment.  We are here to answer your questions. Whether you are just traveling thru Grand Junction or Fruita, Colorado, or one of our local drivers, we are here for you!

Get Free “Expiration Alerts” before you Certificate Expires! 

If you’re looking for a  DOT Physical Exam or CDL physical exam in Fruita or Grand Junction, CO,  you’ve come to the right place!

We will text all existing drivers to remind them of their DOT Medical Card expiration date!

  • DOT Medical Exams:   $80.00

  • PRE Employment Exam:  $80.00

FMCSA Forms:

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